Be like Bee

These are just a few of the things that delight my senses and please my soul.

Simple pleasures in life bring about such a sense of gratitude in my heart. I love life. And I want my children to grow up appreciating, and really noticing everything around them.

The best way I know how to accomplish this is by verbalizing my joy to the boys. I have a tendency to feel an emotion and leave it there, inside my heart and mind…and if it comes out it usually does so by way of this blog.

But that is no good in sharing with my children how to appreciate and enjoy everything that God has created for us to enjoy. So I've begun to speak about all the little things that bring me great joy. Just the other day, while outside with my boys, I noticed all these adorable little honey bees next to me.

I stopped, crouched down next to them, fixed my eyes on one and took in every little thing… the funny little buzzing noise he made, the furry little body suit her wore, the beautiful colors adorning his body, and how busily be buzzed from one clover to the next. In all he did that day, and every day, he glorifies God and fulfills his purpose in life. What an amazing thing to aspire to be like… that little bee.

So this time, instead of keeping it all to myself, I called my children over to take this scenery in, too. I verbalized everything I was noticing about the little bee… the colors, the buzzing, the tiny delicate wings…

Soon my oldest son began speaking to the bee, "hi there little guy. oh you're just so cute." He spent several minutes tracking that little bee and pointing out all kinds of things that brought joy to his heart.

Now instead of keeping all these joyful little experiences to myself I make it a point of sharing with my children in hopes that they'll also find great happiness in the little things going on around us that are just waiting to be noticed and appreciated.

Hi, My Name Is Nell. Welcome.

My New Sweet Baby Love