It’s Okay If Its Innocent, Right?

Ms. totally-adorable-sexy-hot-Mama, Carrie Lauth tagged me for a 25 things meme. I needed a fun post after all the painful ones I’ve been penning lately, so I thought this would be perfect!

1. I have a wee bit of a innocent crush on Justin Hartley - AKA the Green Arrow on Smallville.

2. I have a wee bit of an innocent crush on Tom Welling - AKA Super Man on Smallville.

3. I have a wee bit of a not-so innocent crush on A.D. - AKA my husband

4. I think wiener dogs are adorable, funny and charming.

5. I started my first blog in 2005 but really only took a huge liking to blogging when I started my Mommy blog.

6. You’ll find me on twitter every day.

7. I’ve not worked outside the home in five years this Fall.

8. I hope to never work outside the home again.

9. But I’d like to get back into volunteer work in my local community.

10. I’d love to build a Habitat for Humanity house this year.

11. And take part in three walks for charity (breast cancer, autism and Alzheimer’s)

12. I’m a pretty real person. I am honest and open. And I’ve been a lot more transparent in my writing lately.

13. The comments/love I’ve received on a very hard post to write humbled me and wrapped by broken heart in love.

14. I’m an affiliate marketer. I own content websites as my main source of affiliate income.

15. I am branching out and expanding how I earn affiliate income via a comparison website (when it’s completed I will share it on this blog) and earning money from blogging.

6. Not sure I’ve ever wanted to go somewhere as badly as I want to go to blogher09 this year and bilssdom next year (Still looking for a sponsor).

17.I’ve met more dear friends online than ever offline.

18. I wish these dear friends lived in my area.

19. My all time favorite dream in life involves a guitar, my voice and an audience.

20. God gave me a vision several years ago that I’d be standing in front of an audience doing “something” for him.

21. I’ve never owned a brand spanking new vehicle and never cared to.

22. We don’t have credit card debt.

23. We don’t make car payments.

24. Been with my husband for 11 years, married almost 7.

25. Unless it’s a ‘God Thing’ this will be our last baby.

Hi, My Name Is Nell. Welcome.

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