These are a few of my favorite things

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1. Long, boiling hot bubble baths…so long that I bring a book or magazine in with me to read.

2. Fuzzy soft socks.

3. Wholesome fun in Branson Missouri.

4. Driving alone, blasting my music, with the window down, and the wind whipping through my hair.

5. The Duggars.

6. My wedding ring.

7. Rainbows.

8. Toads.

9. Bug hunting with my sons.

10. Taking pictures.

11. The tubs and tubs of pictures from my 30 years of life.

12. Old videos of my husband and I before we became a family of 5.

13. Quick soaking rain storms in the Summer.

14. To try beauty samples by the face!

15. Townhouse Flip Sides Pretzel crackers.

16. Stephanie and her family and blog.

17. Watching our wedding video and honeymoon video.

18. Sleeping in my son's bed when he wakes up afraid.

19. The dark blue mini van that carries around my most precious cargo.

20. Thunder.

21. The first snow of the season, when anyone or anything has yet to make tracks in it.

22. The Fall season. It's  my most favorite season ever.

23. Target and Old Navy and

24. Olive Garden, 54th Street Bar and Grill, Minsky's pizza, and On The Border.

25. Tree's… all types, sizes and colors.

26. The clouds.. especially the huge fluffy white ones and it's even better when they are super low to the ground.

27. Getting lost in the blue sky.

28. The moon when it's out during the day – what a special treat.

29. The glistening road after a good soaking rain.

30. The smell of everything after a good soaking rain.

31. Mindless TV and TV that teaches me something.

32. The boys beds that their Daddy used to sleep in when he was a little guy.

33. The smell of a fireplace or fire pit burning in the crisp fall or winter air.

34. The cold chill of a Fall evening, being huddled up next to the person you love.

35. Childhood memories.

36. "Boy" movies, like xmen wolverine.

37. Notebooks – you know, the kind that have paper in them and that you use a pen to write on.

38. Attic fans and open windows and the fresh air that touches everything it comes across.

39. The smell of fresh clean laundry that has been dried on an outside line, and a clean house.

40. Tall boots, denim jeans, and bulky sweaters.

41. String cheese and pickle juice.

42. Baby animals at the zoo.

43. Small town fairs.

44. Watching the mighty Missouri river flow by at a fast pace.

45. Phone calls with best friends.

46. The sound of nothingness, the sound of my children playing nicely together, the sound of the Lord speaking to me.

47. Hummingbirds zipping past.

48. Butterfly's when they land on me.

49. Little cute mallard ducks like the two I had a children.

50. A really good hair day.

51. The smell of cut grass.

What are some of your favorite things?

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